Hiperbaric and Aenium join forces to help strategic sectors in their R&D lines

The two companies have forged a Collaborative Alliance in Industrial R&D to offer strategic sectors with high-quality standards, the most innovative solutions in the development of new materials and processes, combining additive manufacturing and HIP technology.

The joint use of Additive Manufacturing and HIP technology makes it possible to develop improved metal components, thanks to the optimization of their designs, the implementation of more efficient processes, and the use of complex materials with interesting properties.

Based on this evidence, Hiperbaric and Aenium collaborate to strategically promote the global market for additive manufacturing of metallic components, by offering innovative solutions and services around the technology of Hot Isostatic Pressing.

Topologically optimized bracket by Aenium. Photo via Aenium.
Topologically optimized bracket by Aenium. Photo via Aenium.

Leadership in high-pressure and research excellence

Hiperbaric’s world leadership in high pressure and Aenium’s research excellence in new materials engineering and additive manufacturing will contribute to move these technologies forward in the most demanding and strategic sectors, promoting R&D of faster and efficient post-processing cycle times and advanced superalloys and new components.

Also, these sectors with high quality and safety standards, such as aerospace, energy, automotive, oil and gas, industry, or medical implants, will be able to certify thanks to HIP technology both the properties of their high added value metal components.

For Andrés Hernando, CEO of Hiperbaric, “the agreement with Aenium supports how hot isostatic pressing post-processing technology is combined with additive manufacturing techniques to obtain parts that require excellent mechanical properties”.

HIP Innovation Center at the service of component manufacturers with demanding industrial and regulatory requirements

Hiperbaric recently inaugurated the HIP Innovation Center at its facilities located in Burgos (Spain), where companies from all over the world can obtain advice and test their components to validate the Hot Isostatic Pressing processes. It is the first center in operation in Spain of these characteristics.

The center currently has a 38 HIP press that processes metallic or ceramic components. The equipment is capable of 2000 bar and 1400 °C (30,000 psi and 1675 °K) with argon gas. It is equipped with a Ø380 mm x 1200 mm (Ø14.5 inches x 47 inches) molybdenum furnace and Fast Cooling technology that allows to increase productivity and enhance material properties thanks to a much faster and more uniform way of cooling the parts inside.

A large team of industrial engineers, experts in materials and in the mechanical characterization of complex structural parts and assemblies, will answer your questions quickly and efficiently, seeking the optimal solution to your technical challenge.