GuardLab and Bauer Hockey supply new line of 3D printed mouthguards

GuardLab, a New York-based sports technology brand, has partnered with Bauer Hockey, an athletic equipment manufacturer to launch personalized 3D printed mouthguards.

Ed Kinnaly, CEO of Bauer Hockey, stated, “Bauer Hockey believes that all athletes – especially hockey players – should always wear a mouthguard, even if not mandated by their teams or leagues, to protect their teeth and minimize injuries.”

We are excited to launch our new line of APEX mouthguards in retail stores and to utilize GuardLab’s 3D digital scanning technology to fit our Bauer Athletes and select teams with GuardLab’s custom-fitted neuromuscular ARC PRO mouthguards.”

The new Bauer APEX and APEX Lite Mouthguards. Photo via GuardLabs.
The new Bauer APEX and APEX Lite Mouthguards. Photo via GuardLabs.

GuardLabs and Bauer Hockey

Founded in 2013, GuardLab develops custom mouthguards using 3D scanning and stereolithography (SLA). By collecting data from each person’s mouth, the guards can be optimized to protect athletes according to their sport. The company has previously collaborated with the UFC to produce custom-fit mouthguards.

Bauer Hockey, headquartered in New Hampshire, developed the first skate with a blade attached to a boot, innovating the game of hockey. Becoming the leading equipment manufacturer in this sport, the company sought to further innovate how athletes play the game.

Kinnaly added, “Bauer looked at several alternatives, concluding that GuardLab produces the best, most comfortable and form-fitting mouthguards. We believe GuardLab mouthguards are unlike any other product on the market – the innovation, comfort and 3D technology blend well with our brand vision.”

Upper Guard Protection mouthguard via: GuardLabs
An upper Guard Protection mouthguard. Photo via GuardLabs.

APEX Mouthguards

Launching in select stores across the U.S. and Canada in various colors, sizes, and helmet tether options, the APEX comes in a Lite Guard (at 2.5mm) and can be customized with team logos on exclusive.

“We are thrilled to team with Bauer, a world-class brand synonymous with high quality, performance, and protection.  Our patented mouthguards are the perfect addition to Bauer’s hockey equipment line. It’s a privilege to collaborate with them to better serve the hockey community,” said GuardLab’s Chairman, Tefft Smith.

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Featured image shows The new Bauer APEX and APEX Lite Mouthguards. Photo via GuardLabs.