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Group Gorgé’s Prodways Entrepreneurs Provides Support For French 3DP Start-Ups — Like Dentosmile

The French company, Group Gorgé, was established in 1990 and has gone on to become an industrial operating group in smart safety systems, industrial projects and, most recently, further to the acquisition of Prodwaysand DeltaMed,3D printing and additive manufacturing. Further to the latter activities, Groupe Gorgélaunched a support and financing solution for European companies in the 3D printing arena named Prodways Entrepreneurs. Now, the first company to receive Prodways Entrepreneurs support is Dentosmile.

Located in Salon de Provence, Dentosmile was created by Philippe Veran, a dental and orthopaedics technologies entrepeneur. Dentosmile offers a new invisible technique to realign teeth with ‘transparent, scalable aligners’ which are personalised using digital modelling and 3D printing. Traditional orthodontic methods use unsightly metal rings and wires. I’m sure that most of us have been or will have known someone who has suffered anxiety over their apperance from dental braces in our time. In contrast the Dentosmile method is invisible, allowing for greater confidence. The method also reports a greater comfort level for patients. Dentosmile is worn for twenty-two hours a day and changed every three weeks to straighten teeth gently by graduation over six to eighteen months.

Prodways Entrepreneurs has invested some €700,000 in Dentosmile, a 20% stake, to support the company’s growth and assist in technical development. The emphasis of Dentosmile will be MOVINGLight technology developed by Prodways.

Prodways Entrepreneur receives support from Bpifrance to promote the development of 3D printing. Bpifrance is able to offer companies that are being supported in this process by Prodways Entrepreneurs customisied financing solutions such as subsidised loans. Groupe Gorgé will also provide assistance to Dentosmile in implementing the industrial production process for its beneficial dental system.

Furthermore, BPI France has already considered financing several Dentosmile projects.

“We are convinced of the potential of 3D printing as a growth engine for French small and

mid-sized companies, which is why Bpifrance is very interested in these innovations and would like to act as a catalyst for the companies that will drive competition in the France of the future. Dentosmile caught Bpifrance’s attention with its innovative profile and its growth potential. “ commented Paul-François Fournier, Chief Innovation Officer from Bpifrance.


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