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Get a $2,000 Zortrax 3D printer for just $1

In a promotion to rule them all, Polish 3D printer company Zortrax are offering their M200 FDM printer for $1 when you buy 87 spools of Zortrax 3D printing material.

It's raining filament. The Z-ULTRAT 9 color filament. Photo via: Zortrax
It’s raining Zortrax Material! The Z-ULTRAT 9 color filament. Photo via: Zortrax

When 3DPI reviewed the Zortrax M2oo in October 2015, we were astounded by the performance it offers at a fraction of the cost of competitors like Stratasys. The M200 is ideal for both individuals or companies seeking a professional output and, as the offer demonstrates, has an impressive range of Zortrax Materials to choose from.

The package offered by Zotrax is comprised of 87 Zortrax printing materials:

  • 26 spools of Z-ABS, the basic economical material which comes in 9 colors, and is great for models and mockups.  
  • 6 spools of Transparent Z-GLASS, which is resistant to salts, acids and alkalis.
  • 8 spools of Z-PETG, the chemical-resistant material.
  • 8 spools of matte-finish Z-HIPS, ideal for printing larger objects.
  • 33 spools  of Z-ULTRAT, Zotrax’s most versatile material suitable for use in the evaluation of the object before starting mass production, and available in basic, pastel and neon, coming to combined total of 22 different colors.
  • 6 spools of Ivory Z-PCABS that provides high resistance to both low and high temperatures.
The M200 3D printer Photo via: Zortrax
The M200 3D printer Photo via: Zortrax

Taking closer look at the specs of the M200 3D printer, it offers a build volume of 200x200x180 mm, and prints an optimal wall thickness of 800 microns, at a resolution between 90 and 400 microns. In the M200, Zortrax promises repeatable precision, and hours of work without breakdowns.

With Zortrax materials individually costing from $21.90 (Z-ABS) to $49.90 (Z-ULTRAT and others), and the printer at a standalone cost of $1,990, buying all of the materials outside of the offer would certainly set you back more than the $3,734.30 that the package is being offered at. You can do the math if you want to, but as the saying goes you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. What this unique offer actually gives you is a freedom to experiment with materials that you’d usually put off for ‘later’, i.e. whenever you get round to buying a different spool of filament, after weeks of checking and rechecking the price plus shipping, and talking yourself out of it because it might not be right.

The promo is available till 31st of October, you can find more details here on the Zortax website. All prices referenced in this article are before VAT.

Featured image: the Zortrax M200 3D printer and filament. Photo via, Zortrax.