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G3D launches Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for sub $2,000 SLA 3D printer

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer G3D has launched a campaign on Indiegogo that brings SLA 3D printing within the reach of a whole new group of people. Priced at under $2,000 the T-1000 is likely to appeal to many makers, businesses and others who may have been deterred by higher priced machines.

G3D has made a limited number of their printers available at this price, on their crowdfunding page it says the machine will be shipped to backers within 5 working days of payment at the end of the campaign.

A strategy for success

G3D was founded by Edward W. Machala, former chief operating officer and treasurer of American Power Conversion (APC). In his time at APC, Mr. Machala took the electronics manufacturer’s revenue from $15 million to approximately $4 billion per year. Such a significant increase led to the company’s recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies on NASDAQ.

The strategies employed by Mr. Machala commits G3D to providing the best in quality, innovation and affordability for the the 3D printing industry.

G3D T-1000 3D prints. Photo by G3D.
G3D T-1000 3D prints. Photo by G3D.

How does the T-1000 stack up to the competition?

The T-1000 is designed by G3D for home use with the precision of 3D printers used for jewelry design and dental models. It is a TUV Rheinland certified product for safety and quality.

When compared to the Form 2, the G3D T-1000 has a larger build volume, and claims to be able to print at twice the speed. At 3D Printing Industry we’re keen to see the machine first hand for ourselves of course.

G3D T-1000 product comparison. Image via G3D.
G3D T-1000 product comparison. Image via G3D.


In addition to the stated average speed of 2.6 inches per hour and a build volume of 7.06 x 5.29 x 11.81 inches, the T-1000 can be connected via Wi-Fi or by an Ethernet cable included in the pack. The system can be operated on a Mac, PC, Linux and any browser based device, and comes packaged with Mac/PC G3D layout software.

G3D’s patented Self Leveling Vat System is built into the system helping users to get set-up right away.

The G3D T-1000 3D Printer.
The G3D T-1000 3D Printer.

Get in quick for additional perks

As a thank you from G3D, early backers of the T-1000 receive a gift of two extra bottles of resin. The first 10 orders in the US also receive free shipping. Buyers placing an order via Gadget Flow can get a further discount with a limited number of T-1000 3D printers available at $1,800.

By supporting this campaign, backers are also helping to fund the cost of G3D’s progress towards new models of the machine due to be released in 2019. We understand that G3D has some big plans for the future of 3D printing and we’ll be keeping a close eye on this company.

G3D T-1000 3D print at XY resolution 175μm and Z 120μm. Photo via G3D.
G3D T-1000 3D print at XY resolution 175μm and Z 120μm. Photo via G3D.

Technical specifications

Printer technology – SLA/DLP

Material – photopolymers

Max build volume – 440.92 cubic in

Max build dimensions – 7.06 in x 5.29 in x 11.81 in (L x W x H)

Average print speed per inch – 25 – 35 mins

Min thickness per layer – 7.50 μm

Max thickness per layer – 120 μm

Operating temperature – 17°C – 40°C

Printer weight – 29 kg

Machine dimensions – 11.66 in x 17.86 in x 26.71 in (L x W x H)

Power input – 50 – 60 Hz