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3D Printing Industry World First: Voxel Level News App Beta Launches

As the leading source of news about the 3D printing industry, 3D Printing Industry is a frequent thought leader and no stranger to paradigm shifting, envelope pushing and 3D printing outside of the box.

3D Printing outside of the box.
3D Printing outside of the box.

Having sifted through the 3D Printing hype and lead the additive manufacturing agenda for the past 5 years it was only to expected that 3DPI would be ahead of the curve with the next world first.

A frequent comment from readers is a desire to see advances parallel to the technology many are now enjoying from the comfort of their own desktops. And while printing may have progressed beyond the X and Y, the written word has arguably been left behind.

Preparing the words for 3D printing.
Preparing the words for 3D printing.

3D Printing Industry news at the voxel level

With this in mind we are proud to announce that from Monday, the world’s leading source of genuine 3D printing news will now be available in STL format.

The popular Standard Triangle Language beloved of polygon devotees will be harnessed to bring you news in NOT ONLY the X and Y BUT ALSO the Z dimension. With this unique angle on the news our readers will be able to receive 3D Printing Industry news down to the voxel level.

This is undoubtedly a sea-changing, groundbreaking world first.

Our Editor-in-chief.
Our Editor-in-chief yesterday.

Beta app available for download

You can download a beta of our app here and read 3D Printing Industry in its full three dimensional glory.

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Featured image shows a working typewriter by Thingiverse user Schorhr.