FlashForge Aims to Take Over US Market with Wynit Distribution Deal

Move over Makerbot and 3D Systems. Flash Forge is aiming to take over the consumer 3D printing market in the US and to do so it has signed a deal with top New York State based distributor Wynit. The Chinese born company is very serious about desktop 3D printers, claiming to have rapidly become the number one supplier in China since being established in 2011, with current monthly sales of up to 1000 units.

Headquartered in North Syracuse, NY, Wynit LLC distributes consumer electronics, outdoor leisure and adventure products across North America. By the terms of this agreement it will market and sell the entire line of FlashForge US products to authorized resellers. That includes the Dual Extruder Creator and Single Extruder Creator II FFF machines with wooden exterior, as well the Creator X (the Wolverine) machine, with a metal sheet case, due out this month.

3D Printer creator

Flash Forge’s product line-up also includes filament and a wide range of 3D printing accessories (extruders, motors, nozzles etc). Basic FFF machines and parts appear to be only the beginning as it has already announced a business-level desktop printer in the works as well as a desktop DLP-based machine a bit further down the line.

Flash Forge is certainly not the first desktop 3D printer company to ink a distribution deal in the US. In october MakerBot partnered with Ingram Micro and just a few weeks ago it doubled with electronics retail chain Micro Center. Electronics DIY chain RadioShack even showed its 3D printer business in a Superbowl ad as a reseller of the Afinia H-Series 3D printer. The market is wide open right now, but Flash Forge is pitching to be a contender for a share of it.