Evolve Additive Solutions ready to take next STEP

Minnesota’s Evolve Additive Solutions (EAS), developers of STEP additive manufacturing technology, announced organizational changes that will accelerate technology development within its 3D printer production line. After a prolonged R&D phase spanning 14 years, Evolve is now reorganizing for commercialization. The company says that specifically, it has “a focus on its highly reliable production platform and a strong customer return-on-investment.”

Joe Allison, a current board member, has been appointed CEO. Steve Chillscyzn, founder, will continue to serve as the CTO and be a member of the Board of Directors. Steve Chillscyzn stated, “This new structure will allow me to focus my energies on accelerating technical developments within our STEP technology.” Evolve is exploring different configurations of print engines, new materials qualifications, and precise thermal control to increase the platform’s versatility. Chillscyzn added, “It is exciting to have someone with Joe’s background and leadership skills to accelerate and optimize our existing platform while also pursuing new products and enhancements.” 

Joe Allison stated that EAS aims to be a trusted partner in the Additive Manufacturing industry for high-volume thermoplastic applications. “I will bring a user’s perspective to EAS and continue to build upon its revolutionary technology.”  Allison and Chillscyzn believe that the transition will be seamless for both the company’s clients and employees.

Evolve Additive Solutions. Photo by Michael Petch.
Evolve Additive Solutions. Photo by Michael Petch.

“50 times faster than SLS 3D Printing”

Evolve Additive Solutions was a subsidiary of 3D printer OEM Stratasys. The technology was spun out of the company back in 2017. Since then, the company has been working on its  Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP), 3D printing technology.

The STEP printing process uses engineering-grade thermoplastics. It involves depositing feedstock layer after layer on the build area using a moving belt until the desired 3D shape has been formed. This company claims the technology is 50 times faster than SLS 3D Printing and allows for shorter lead times with “toolless” production.

Evolve Additive was awarded an initial $19,000,000 injection of seed capital by Stanley Black & Decker and Lego in 2017. Since then has received ongoing support from SB&D in other funding rounds.

Evolve Additive has formed partnerships with many companies to improve its STEP technology over the years. These include Kodak, an imaging specialist who provided Evolve Additive with imaging systems, parts, and consumables derived from its Kodak NeXPRESS digital production color press. To create a new range for its STEP technology, the company also collaborated with chemical company Evonik.

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Featured image shows the Evolve STEP 3D printing system. Photo via Evolve.