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Eplus3D launches new large-format EP-M450H 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

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China-based 3D printer manufacturer Eplus3D has announced the launch of its latest metal powder bed fusion 3D printer, the EP-M450H.

The large-format 3D printer sports a build volume measuring 455 x 455 x 1100mm, making it the tallest system in the Eplus3D portfolio. Providing over 200 liters of build volume to play around with, the EP-M450H is well-suited to 3D printing parts over a meter in height.

Eplus3D’s new machine is designed specifically for large, high-performance parts in sectors such as aerospace, defense, and automotive.

Eplus3D EP-M450H metal 3D printer. Photo via Eplus3D.
The Eplus3D EP-M450H metal 3D printer. Photo via Eplus3D.

Industrial 3D printing with Eplus3D

Founded in 2014, Eplus3D specializes in the development of industrial-grade 3D printing systems operating on technologies such as PBF and SLA. The firm’s core technical team has more than 25 years of additive manufacturing experience between them, serving sectors such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing tooling, healthcare, and consumer goods.

The company currently has two facilities in both Beijing and Hangzhou and invests more than 20% of its revenue in scientific research. Having exported its 3D printers to more than 40 countries around the world, Eplus3D holds a plethora of invention patents, utility model patents, software copyrights, and appearance patents.

Eplus3D’s product portfolio includes the EP-M650 metal 3D printer, EP-P420 polymer 3D printer, and EP-A350 resin 3D printer.

An aerospace component 3D printed on the EP-M450H. Image via Eplus3D.
An aerospace component 3D printed on the EP-M450H. Image via Eplus3D.

The EP-M450H 3D printer

The company’s new EP-M450H 3D printer is defined by both its size and productivity. As standard, the system comes with a 500W fiber laser but customers can opt for a dual laser configuration for a 70% increase in printing efficiency. With a scan speed of up to 8m/s, the EP-M450H offers a maximum build rate of 55cm³/h. The machine even comes complete with a bi-directional powder recoating system to shave seconds off between layers.

Eplus3D has also placed a major focus on part quality with its latest 3D printer. The company claims to have achieved part densities of over 99.9% and mechanical property deviations of less than 5% between builds. The EP-M450H features an optimized gas flow design that ensures efficient smoke and splash removal, all while helping to achieve uniform and consistent 3D printing.

On the software side, the printer allows users to apply different process parameters to different sections of a model. For example, parts can be split up into upper and lower surfaces or core areas and small areas, with individualized settings for each of them. The system is also complemented by Eplus3D’s own proprietary EP-Hatch processing software, which enables users to leverage optimized scanning strategies to slash print times.

Additionally, the system’s process software can be integrated with Siemens NX software to improve production efficiency.

Boasting an open materials platform, the EP-M450H has already been qualified for a wide variety of metal powders. This includes titanium alloys, stainless steel, maraging steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, cobalt chrome, and copper alloys.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the EP-M450H 3D printer. Visit the Eplus3D store page for a quote.

Build volume455 x 455 x 1100mm
Optical system500W fiber laser (single or dual)
Spot size90 – 130 microns
Scan speed8m/s
Layer thickness20 – 120 microns
Gas supplyAr/N2
Dimensions8250 x 3850 x 4750mm

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Featured image shows the Eplus3D EP-M450H metal 3D printer. Photo via Eplus3D.