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eMotion Tech debuts new dual-extruder Strateo3D IDEX420 at Formnext: technical specifications and pricing

French FFF 3D printer manufacturer eMotion Tech has announced the launch of a new machine at the Formnext trade show that it says is “twice as productive as conventional professional printers.” 

Known as the ‘IDX420,’ the latest addition to the firm’s ‘Strateo3D’ portfolio packs independent dual extruders that allow it to carry out simultaneous prints, effectively making it twice as productive as its predecessors. Just like its existing 3D printers, eMotion Tech’s new system is also built to be easy-to-use, and given its €6990 price tag, it’s therefore well-placed to address the high-end professional market. 

eMotion Tech Strateo3D IDEX420 3D printer.
eMotion Tech’s new Strateo3D IDEX420 3D printer. Image via eMotion Tech.

A decade of FFF innovation  

For nearly ten years now, eMotion Tech has marketed low-cost FFF 3D printers, and since its first sub-€1000 machine came out in 2012, the firm has gone on to build a strong portfolio of entry-level ‘MicroDelta’ systems. Available in both Rework ‘kit’ and ‘plug and play’ iterations, the ultra-accessible printer features auto-bed levelling and an intuitive assembly that’s said to be ready for action within just three hours. 

Having initially built a business around these MicroDelta systems, the firm bravely changed tack in 2017, and began targeting more professional users. To achieve this, eMotion Tech set up a new 800 m² factory at which it went on to develop its first dual extruder machine: the Strateo3D DUAL 600. Equipped with bi-material hotends and a 126-liter build volume, the system continues to find varying applications. 

In fact, the company’s machine customers, which now total more than 20,000, range from aerospace manufacturers like Airbus and Safran to food-related firms such as Le Creuset and Daunat. Now, with the IDX420, eMotion Tech is looking to switch things up yet again, by squeezing its dual extrusion technology into a smaller SME-targeted package that it says is “already attracting the brand’s distributors.” 

The Strateo3D IDEX420's dual extruder set up in-action.
The Strateo3D IDEX420’s dual extruder set up in-action. Image via eMotion Tech.

Doubling up on productivity 

Showcased for the first time at eMotion Tech’s Formnext booth, the IDEX420’s main feature is its hotend set up, which can be used to create identical, mirrored or completely different parts. According to the firm, these dual-printing capabilities provide it with the throughput boost needed for it to meet “mass production requirements,” while its removable 420 x 320 x 400mm bed unlocks “uninterrupted production.”

Thanks to its dual extruders and their maximum temperature of 300°C, the company also says that its machine can process “high-shrinkage technical polymers” as well as soluble support materials, potentially lending it tooling production applications. 

However, while the IDEX420 is compatible with multiple standard polymers including PLA, ABS and PETG, eMotion Tech has still built it to be an open-material machine. Users can therefore choose to either pick the 0.4-0.8mm filament which best suits their application, or the one that delivers the highest possible return on investment. 

Elsewhere, on the accessibility front, the company has stuck to the user-friendly philosophy of its earlier machines with the IDEX420, integrating its ‘StratoControl3D’ real-time monitoring system into the unit’s easy-to-use touch screen. The firm also has a double filtration system, that eliminates the microparticles emitted during printing, meaning that entry-level users don’t have to worry about any toxic effects.

The 'StratoControl3D' build monitoring system on the Strateo3D IDEX420.
The ‘StratoControl3D’ build monitoring system on the Strateo3D IDEX420. Image via eMotion Tech.

Technical Specifications and Pricing 

Below are the technical specifications for eMotion Tech’s Strateo3D IDEX420 3D printer. Those interested in finding out more, can do so via the company’s store page, where it’s currently offering a pre-sale price of €6,000 (plus VAT). 

Build Volume 420 x 320 x 400 mm (53.76 liters)
ExtrusionDual Independent Extruders
Nozzle Dimension 0.4 to 0.8mm
Extrusion Temperature 300°C
XY Robot Accuracy (mm)5µm
Filtration Standard HEPA filtration + Active Carbon
ConnectivityUSB, ETHERNET
Supported OSMac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS 
Weight 90kg

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Featured image shows eMotion Tech’s new Strateo3D IDEX420 3D printer. Image via eMotion Tech.