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Emerging Topologies – A PhD Exhibition From Josh Harle

When an artist reaches a doctoral degree in computer science with extensive academic studies also in philosophy and sculpture, the outcome – the showcasing where it all comes together – is bound to be interesting. Emerging Topologies is just that, a PhD exhibition from Josh Harle, which opens today in Paddington, NSW, Australia.

For the Emerging Topologies exhibition – which also shares its name with his written thesis – Josh has created a unique scanning and mapping software, which he has used to bringing the city alive — visible and tangible to the observer in a new way — and on a concrete level by using 3D printing tech.

Josh Harle Thesis cloud

According to the artist himself, his approach to this exhibition is a poetic one:

“All stories are travel stories. The spaces we inhabit are becoming progressively more legible through ubiquitous access to Google Maps and GPS navigation, introducing new types of travel story and new types of space.  Emerging Topologies explores the shifting landscape of a city experienced through mobile mapping technology, and sketches out its own improbable paths through the shadows.

Informed by his previous research degree in Computer Science, Josh Harle has created a series of software tools to map, scan, and visualise the city in contingent, poetic ways, in spite of the rationalising imperative of geo-locative technology. The works tell tales: compiling unreadable maps of journeys through strange cities, and taking playful, winding trips across the smudged face of the reference map.”

Josh Harle Emerging Topologies

The exhibition will only be showcased this week – closing on the 25th – so if you currently happen to be wondering around Sydney looking for new experiences, why not check Josh’s work out at the Kudos Gallery (6 Napier St, Paddington, NSW). Or if you want to take a closer look at Josh’s thesis, that’s also possible – the foreword is available from this link.

Source: Shapeways blog, Pozible

Feature image from joshharle.com