3DP Applications

Easter Themed Applications of 3D Printing

With the Easter holidays upon us check out some of the best Easter themed 3D printing applications from the last couple of years.

Paint and 3D Print an Easter Egg with the Magic 3D Easter Egg Painter App

This is an app plugging into the Shapeways 3D Printing API by Vishal Srivastava that uses the accelerometer in iOS devices to navigate around and decorate an Easter egg on your mobile device. The finished design can subsequently be 3D printed in full color by Shapeways.

The app can be downloaded here and more information via Shapeways here.

How to paint Egg App 3D

Unique 3D Printed Easter Egg Built by Ogle Models Featured in the 2012 Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

An inspiring design and manufacturing collaboration between Ogle Model & Prototypes, Fourfoursixsix Architects and EOS GmbH, which showcases the advanced capabilities of laser sintering 3D printing technologies with the production of this unique Easter egg.

Full background here.

Faberge Egg Boss 3D Print

Eggbunnies by Zydac

Back in spring 2011, Zydac came up with this must-have Easter-oriented 3D print design.  It’s an egg/bunny combination, and due to the annual Easter celebration it’s just as relevant this year and still just as cute. The ear inserts, nose, eyes and whiskers are all separately printable too.

Via Makerbot.