€450,000 available for additive manufacturing SMEs through Horizon 2020 program

AMable, an EU Horizon 2020 program accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing, has announced the third open call grant of €450,000 for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) using 3D printing. 

Aiming to support SMEs integrating additive manufacturing in various sectors, including healthcare, automotive and aerospace, the grant hopes to facilitate development of new products while driving competitiveness in Europe. 

An AMable created a 3D printed head protection device. Photo via AMable.
An AMable-made 3D printed featherlight head protection device. Photo via AMable.

Driving 3D printing in Europe

Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program, with the capacity to allocate €80 billion of funding over 7 years. Co-ordinated by leading German research institute Fraunhofer ILT, AMable is a consortium within Horizon 2020 specifically dedicated to additive manufacturing. Its interest in the technology revolve around development to ease the strain on logistical chains, storage, environmental impact, and goods insurance, while increasing products and employment at the SME level.

Earlier this year, AMable’s call offered approximately €300,000 in funding to SMEs in the 3D printing industry. As a result, several customizable product ideas arose from various sectors. This includes the AMAC affordable 3D printed accordion from a team in the Netherlands, and metal 3D printed conformal cooling inserts for injection molding from Austrian and Italian partners CLIMATE.

AMable’s Third Open Call

In it’s latest project call, AMable is supported by I4MS, an EU initiative to digitalize the manufacturing industry. Training for additive manufacturing, especially where design is concerned is a core area of interest for the grant.

To be eligible for selection, SMEs are requested to submit Application Experiments proposing innovative and functional products through 3D printing. The chosen proposals will be known as “Feasibility studies” and “Good Practices,” and will receive funds ranging from €5000 to €60,000 of aid.

The submission deadline for AMable’s Third Open Call is November 31st. 

Proposed 3D printed conformal cooling models. Image via AMable.
Proposed 3D printed conformal cooling models. Image via AMable.

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Featured image shows Ulrich Thombansen, from AMable, presenting at the IN(3D)USTRY 2018 in Barcelona. Image via AMable.