Daegun Tech Looks to Whole New Suite of 3D Printing Systems

I have written about Daegun Tech before, and with good reason, in that this company is one of the few major electronics manufacturers in South Korea that is really taking the 3D printing movement very seriously. I stopped in recently to see what they were up to, and as it turns out…quite a bit.

Daegun Tech My3D 3D printer Welcoming of the city mayor and the city executives

Last month, the mayor of Changwon City, Mr. Ahn Sangsoo (where Daegun tech is located) paid a special visit to the company headquarters. The mayor was warmly welcomed by the CEO and several Daegun Tech employees and given a tour of the factory. The mayor was quite pleased with what he saw and said that the MyD 3D printer series is a good example of the know-how that the company has accumulated over the last fifteen years. He also encouraged the company to continue its work, as the industry is still emerging and changing very fast. He also thanked the employees personally for their efforts and promised the full support from the city and his administration.

The CEO of the company give the mayor a factory tour of Daegun Tech My3D 3D printer

I sat down with the general manager, Kim Woojong, and talked about why Daegun Tech receives such generous support from the city. He told me that, as one of the larger employers in the immediate area, many people in the city are either directly or indirectly effected by their company. He said that they recently doubled their ‘development team’ to concentrate on 3D printing R&D and now invest about 7% of their company profits into 3D printing research. We then examined several new printers and projects that Daegun Tech is currently working on.

Though everything I saw was quite impressive, there are two printers that Daegun Tech plans to launch this year that I specifically would like to mention: a low cost FDM 3D printer in the $300 ~ 400 USD range, and a new multicolor desktop 3D printer capable of 3D printing up to five filaments. No word on exactly how much they will cost yet. Both printers are fully developed and ready to launch, except for a couple of minor problems with the software and some final marketing issues that need to be resolved.

One of Daegun Tech My3D 3D printer  factories

Another project that they are working on is a printed circuit board (PCB) 3D printer. Even though there are similar projects and products available on Kickstarter and elsewhere, nobody has yet successfully completed the commercialization of a PCB 3D printer. Daegun Tech has decided to jump into this potential race to the gold mine, too. Daegun Tech recently applied for a governmental development grant for this project, which was approved, and is now officially funded by it.

They are also working on a few SLS and DLP 3D printer designs for industrial purposes, but these are still in the raw stages, although their goal is to complete their development by next year.

Daegun Tech My3D 3D printer

Lastly, I wanted to talk about their latest 3D printer. The ‘MyD P250’ was released at the beginning of this year, following the launch of the MyD S160 and MyD S140 machines. The MyD P250 is a large desktop FDM printer that is built more for industrial uses, rather than home users, but it has a feature that really caught my attention. While the MyD P250 has many familiar specs, such as dual printheads and heated buildplate, it uses an all ball screw drive system. What that means is that instead of using the commonly available rubber drive belts that we have all seen on most printers, the MyD P250 doesn’t.

Supposedly, the MyD P250 is the first 3D printer that adopts the ball-screw method for the X, Y and Z axis movement. I was told that this produces much higher quality print outputs, as “belt stretch” is no longer an issue. This improvement, along with an auto-leveling, improved heated bed, and an interior temperature control system also guarantees consistent, accurate printing.

More specs are as below:

Daegun Tech My3D 3D printer specs

Daegun Tech seems to really believe in the future of 3D printing and is actively trying to advance the technology. Furthermore, they are trying to help develop the adoption of the technology, both in Asia and worldwide by moving their products beyond the borders of Korea. Currently, they directly sell to Japan and have distributors in Turkey and Singapore. Their printers are also sold in the US, Germany, and the Czech Republic. Several other countries are still testing and negotiating business terms for future transactions, and we will do our best to keep you updated as things develop.