Cuboyo, the Latest 3D Model marketplace, Stakes its Claim

Let’s face it, there seem to be a lot of 3D model repositories popping up everywhere. Can the market stand another entry into this competitive space?

As more and more makers and consumers start to get their hands on 3D printers, the fight to become the Google Play or iTunes of the 3D printing market place is hotting up. Swiss based Cuboyo is one of the newest entries in the space. Their pitch is straightforward – they want to simplify and democratise the process of acquiring 3D models.

The Cuboyo site appears to work well with clear categories and themes with visually appealing icons and descriptive cartoon videos. The selected models are displayed in easily selectable views in 3D or 2D. Customers also see printing costs and estimated printing times alongside the model.

Cuboyo 3D Model marketplace

Interestingly, in a move to attract custom, much like online stores and supermarkets Cuboyo has even implemented a $1 shop, which has a varied collection of files at a guaranteed low price.

Will they succeed? Ultimately, more choice means more options, more variety and ultimately better prices. The market is still taking baby steps so there appears to be potential for more players in the game.

In addition, with some designers leaving Thingiverse because of their opinions on the Stratasys and MakerBot acquisition, there is always a chance for new online marketplaces to pick up a few established names in the model-building world.

Check out Cuboyo’s new online store here.

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