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Cubify’s 3D Printed Star Trek Figurines

3D Systems is partnering up with CBS Studios to give you the possibility to step into Captain Kirk’s shoes – quite literally. The teaming of these two companies will result in Sci-Fi-fans all around the world being able to 3D print their own facial features onto accurate Star Trek crew member bodies – but unfortunately instead of life-size they are scaled down to a range of 6” – 7”.

If instead of Kirk and Spock, your character of choice is Lieutenant Worf’s Klingon, you will need to exercise patience and start with the Original Series, however: “We will be adding additional crew characters from more recent series, like The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. And there are other things we hope to do over time, like the customization of accessories, and maybe even ship customization,” states Scott Harmon, Vice President, Corporate Development, at 3D Systems.

For any Trekkies that feel drawn to this app, be sure to hit us with images of yourself as a figurine. We would love to highlight them here on 3DPI.

Source: Cubify