ColorFabb – a New 3D Printer Filament Producer

ColorFabb is another new 3D printing filament service concept from the Dutch Helian Polymers. The company has its own production facilities and thus full control of what comes out at the end of the line. They currently only offer 3mm filaments, but are aiming to add 1.75mm to the portfolio soon. The prices? For example, a standard white spool, 750grams (~1.65lbs) of 3mm plastic PLA filament costs a market-typical €30 ($39). But the one thing that sets ColorFabb aside from its competition is that even the more special colors – such as the transparent violet below – are sold at that same price point for the same amount of material.

ColorFabb transparent violet

It’ll be interesting to see if and when Recycle Bot and its kind will eventually hit the market, if there will also be pressure to lower the prices of the mass-scale produced filament. At least here’s hoping for someone to actually fill that niche.

Source: ColorFabb