Cognitive Design Systems secures €2m to Propel Generative Design Platform Forward

In a promising move to hasten the evolution of its generative design platform, Cognitive Design Systems (CDS) has announced a €2 million funding round. This injection of capital is expected to not only expedite the technological progression of the platform initiated in 2021 but also broaden CDS’s market reach and salesforce across Europe and the US.

Vincent Ung, CDS Co-founder and COO said, “We believe that modern engineering requires innovative solution, and that the key to product development is to consistently include the manufacturing factors as part of design.”

CDS is a French software developer carving a niche in generative design and manufacturing, with a spotlight on Additive Manufacturing (3D printing). The firm is not only fostering solutions for 3D printing but also venturing into conventional manufacturable processes like Injection Molding, Die Casting, and Machining.

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The crux of CDS’s ambition is overhauling the engineering design workflow by infusing AI and automation to aid CAD designers. This strategic move is anticipated to slash design cycle times, ushering in a new era of efficiency and innovation in the domain.

Through its software suite, CDS is paving the way for a seamless transition from design to manufacturable products, encapsulating the broader objective of significantly reducing the lead time in product development. By providing a robust platform that intertwines generative design with real-world manufacturing constraints, CDS is poised to bridge the chasm between theoretical design and practical manufacturing.

Cognitive Design Systems software. Image via Cognitive Design Systems.
Cognitive Design Systems software. Image via Cognitive Design Systems.

CDS, swiftly emerging as a notable player in the generative design sphere and the 3D printing community, is the brains behind the lauded Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) software solution, “Cognitive Additive”. This innovative software is engineered to meticulously analyze the cost, feasibility, and sustainability of 3D-printed components. The firm has also been instrumental in melding various modules with diverse platforms like Synera, a low-code engineering platform, and GrabCAD Print, a software solution courtesy of Stratasys.

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The recent funding milestone was achieved with the backing of Iron Hands Capital, DAA Capital Partners, and SpaceFounders France, marking a significant stride towards accelerating the firm’s growth and bolstering the synergy of its technologies with prominent CAD platforms.

“We are delighted to support CDS and its management team in the next stage of its growth story. Thanks to its strong expertise, solid platform, innovative and differentiated product offering, CDS will emerge as one of the next leading manufacturable design platform in generative design. The company is now ready to capture the attractive opportunities of the European and the United States market to growing at an accelerated pace,” said Florent Gastaud, Managing Partner at Iron Hands Capital.

Bertrand Mueller, Founding Partner at DAA Capital Partners said “We believe that the automatization of engineering tasks and the prediction of the manufacturability and costs of any product designed in 3D is a global megatrend in the industry. CDS is uniquely positioned to benefit from this trend thanks to its state-of-the-art modeling technology. “

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Featured image shows Cognitive Design Systems software. Image via Cognitive Design Systems.