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CeraFab 7500 – A New 3D Printer for Ceramics

Lithoz logoLithoz, an Austrian company focused on development and manufacturing of Additive Manufacturing tech, has released a new manufacturing system called the CeraFab 7500. The fabrication machine – using Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing or LCM for short – was presented at Lithoz’ booth during last month’s Euromold.

CeraFab is capable of printing ceramic objects in very fine detail due to a photo-curing process. After the final treatment in the kiln the object is ready – needing no additional finishing touches. The accuracy of this process is an impressive 0.1mm.

At this point the final cost of the device is not yet certain – we will look into this interesting machine more closely as it becomes more apparent and the imagery outputs showcaseable.

Via: Fabbaloo