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Cape Town Shoppers Can Get in on the 3D Printing Buzz

South African based Digital Manufacturing studio, Rabbit, has today announced a partnership with a fellow Cape Town business, Wizardz. The goal of the partnership between one of the leading regional digital print bureaus (Wizardz) and the disruptively innovative 3D printing company is to “bring 3d printing to the people.”

A first for South Africa, this collaboration brings together the latest technology in traditional printing and 3D printing. And while the companies acknowledge that 3D printing has been around in South Africa for a while, they emphasize how it is primarily used in industrial design, aeronautical engineering and research; with little, if any, attention paid to the general public. But this is all set to change in the South African capital.

The partnership will facilitate a 3D printing, consulting and design pop-up boutique — hosted by the Rabbit team — within Wizardz’ flagship store at the Gardens Centre in the heart of creative Cape Town. As of this week, Rabbit has setup 3D printers at Wizardz main branch, selling in-house 3D printed creations as well as creations by some of South Africa’s brightest and best designers. The pop-up boutuique will also allow anyone to have access to the creative process of making their own designs come to life.

According to Harry Ravelomanantsoa, Managing Director and Founder of Rabbit: “We’ve always had the desire to expose 3D printing and Digital Manufacturing to everyone who is interested in exploring their inner ability to create. Having the opportunity to have a retail outlet in the middle of such a creative hub and being able to collaborate with such a prominent name in the printing industry as Wizardz is an amazing break for us.”

Andrew Pittaway, owner of Wizardz Design & Print, was equally as excited with the partnership: “The future of retail digital printing has taken an interesting turn. We are so excited with the prospect of working with Harry and his wonderfully creative team from Rabbit to provide the general public with direct interactive access to this amazing technology.”

Any one in the Cape Town vicinity that is able to make it to the store, do send in any pictures and let us know what you think.