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BLT’s new product line unleashes unprecedented efficiency and cost-effectiveness in metal 3D printing

Bright Laser Technologies (BLT) has expanded its metal 3D printing portfolio with its new BLT-S400 3D printer and the Powder Circulation System. 

The company states that these newly introduced systems are poised to bring substantial advancements to metal 3D printing for large-scale industrial part production. With a focus on serial production, the BLT-S400 zeroes in on small and medium-sized parts, featuring dimensions of 400mm × 300mm × 400mm (W × D × H). Featuring three 500W lasers, the 3D printer emphasizes industrial-grade efficiency for the production of small to medium-sized parts.

“Revolutionizing the metal 3D printing landscape, the BLT-S400 emerges as a game-changer in the industry. Complementing this innovation, the Powder Circulation System from BLT elevates the printing process by optimizing material usage and diminishing the necessity for manual intervention. Businesses needing swift and efficient metal part production will find this printer an excellent choice,” says BLT.

On a similar note, BLT exhibited its novel technologies at this year’s Formnext tradeshow.

Cost-effectiveness and efficient powder recycling

An essential aspect of the BLT-S400 is its extended lifespan filter, developed to reduce disruptions during printing and bolster overall safety. Setting itself apart, the 3D printer showcases cost-effectiveness with an operating air consumption ranging from 2-6 L/min, distinguishing it from comparable devices.

Addressing a critical facet of mass production, BLT’s Powder Circulation System focuses on efficient powder recycling in industrial processes. Ensuring the secure transfer, recovery, sieving, and reuse of metal powders within a closed loop, the system facilitates in-line recycling solutions for multiple machines. This integrated strategy enables the simultaneous printing of identical materials across diverse machine models. It ultimately reduces powder consumption, minimizes reliance on manual operations, and elevates both production efficiency and return on investment.

BLT Intelligent Factory. Photo via BLT.

BLT-BP Software: simplifying calibration and optimizing part profiling

Contributing to process efficiency, the BLT Build Plan (BP) software incorporates the AutoSplice calibration module, a creation by BLT’s software engineers. This module significantly diminishes the necessity for manual intervention, streamlining the calibration process by an impressive 386%. 

Ensuring precise alignment through its multi-laser system, the AutoSplice calibration program guarantees a consistently controllable accuracy of 0.02mm. The BLT-BP software is dedicated to enhancing part profiling efficiency, boasting an average profiling time of only 9 minutes, and granting control over the profiling time for multiple parts in less than 30 minutes.

BLT S400 metal 3D printer. Photo via BLT.

For detailed information, users can contact BLT’s specialized team of sales engineers, or alternatively, explore the product page for a comprehensive overview.

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Featured image shows Bright Laser Technologies headquarters. Photo via BLT.