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BotFactory win the Best Technical Development Manufacturing Award at IDTechEx



BotFactory has created a product that integrates all of the steps of PCB fabrication into a compact, intuitive package.

When BotFactory started on this path in 2013, they took advantage of the maturation in conductive nanoparticle inks, image recognition technology and the drop in costs in control system costs. Called the BotFactory Squink, this Desktop PCB Printer can print conductive traces, dispense solder and pick-and-place components, creating PCBs on anything from paper to FR4 to flexible kapton.

According to BotFactory, Squink delivers a solution at several magnitudes of cost lower than in-line manufacturing equipment, heralding one of the rare moments where the rules of manufacturing and innovation are up-ended by miniaturization.

One of the judges commented on the reason why they chose this company, “Because of its wide array of use and potential value to a number of very valuable consumer targets (engineers, students, makers…).”