Ben Heck’s Double Decker 3D Printer

Benjamin J. Heckendorn – known in the virtual world as Ben Heck – is a tech-savvy tinkerer, who is famous for his modifications applied to different consoles and personal computers. As a man that is passionate about tech, it should come as no surprise that 3D printing is on Ben’s radar and has been since the early days. Indeed, he has built a portable 3d printing machine in his persistent mission of making the most out of all things technologically and electronically interesting. His fourth attempt in this area has resulted in something even more interesting – watch the visual story below to get a sense of his latest 3D printing project – a machine capable of printing two objects simultaneously!

The first part:

The second part:

The third and final part:

What’s coming up next from Ben? To know, remember to follow this guy – a prime example of what is possible when ambition, persistence and passion are combined in a single person.

Source: Ben Heck, Ben Heck’s YouTube