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Award Winning da Vinci Mini Out Today

From January of this year, you may remember XYZprinting and its da Vinci Mini going down a storm at CES Las Vegas, winning the Editors’ Choice Award for a market smashing price-tag and the high-performance as such a compact machine.

Courtesy da Vinci Mini

The pocket rocket has been released today, and is available from the company’s website, and on Amazon. At less than $300, it is the company’s lowest priced machine aside from the da Vinci MiniMaker, which is aimed at children as opposed to students, educators and small businesses.

The machine champions quality and user-friendliness, featuring sophisticated features such as:

  • Embedded Wi-Fi capabilities – much simpler and more convenient than wires.
  • An aluminum print bed – to improve heat-distribution and reduce the risk of burning hands when collecting your finished product.
  • Using XYZprinting’s PLA filament – which is bio-degradable, non-toxic, eradicating any environmental concerns.
  • Auto-calibration and an auto-loading filament system – which decreases set up time.
XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini
XYZPrinting Da Vinci Mini

It can already be seen hitting its target market, following a statement about 3D printing potential being explored in schools:

“For my classroom, 3D printing has been utilized as an exciting learning incentive for kids; where the winner gets to make their own print,” said Zack Boettcher from Milliken Elementary School, Colorado “Last summer, when it came to 3D printing, students were as engaged with the reward as they were with the lesson plan. My students got very excited whether it was just watching the da Vinci Mini print or experimenting with a design… As a teacher I was able to bring outside of the box problem solving skills to my students with the cool factor beyond the traditional classroom.”

We can’t fault the team at XYZPrinting for tackling the market at all angles. This is just one product in a range of products launched by the company this year, including a 3D pen and another desktop printer, the Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3-in-1 which is also aimed at those new to 3D printing technology.