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Alban Leandri
Alban Leandri
Alban Leandri is a technical content writer with background and work experience in mechanical engineering. Passionate about design, materials and new manufacturing technologies, he is a member of Spartacus3D, and keen on sharing his extended knowledge about metal additive manufacturing, offering a particular standpoint.

This is second part of a look at the challenges of modeling build chamber metrology. The first part of this insight into metal additive manufacturing can be read here. Why is it so challenging to simulate a print job? Manufacturin [...]

In recent years, modeling of various manufacturing processes has become increasingly important for industry. To a large extent, these models are based on computer aided techniques. Supported by numerical methods, such models accom [...]

The market for 3D printing is poised for an explosive growth. Today, a plethora of 3D printing techniques can shape objects from an ever growing list of materials - photo-polymeric resins, extruded filament, powders of plastics, p [...]

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, has gone a long way from the early stages of its deployment, 30 years ago. The most largely widespread 3D printing process for industrial applications builds parts layerwise on a powder [...]