The App World Welcomes the iOS App from MakerBot and Thingiverse.

thingiverse app ios makerbotOur phones and interfaces close in on science fiction, sliding fingers across our phones like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” (disclaimer: bloodless gunshot on screen), surfing through apps. With the proliferation of smartphones and user-friendly apps, the newest launch by the MakerBot team at Thingiverse follows the trend. Thingiverse has launched an app for iOS platforms. It is available at the App Store and takes up 5.0MB. The app allows users to explore the Thingiverse site and news and reference it on social media.

The application serves for faster additions to personal collections of Thingiverse models and items and the ability to share via social networks and email. The app also facilitates functions such as personal print sharing and screen ornamentation. In essence, the app provides an easily accessible mode by which you can share your Thingiverse discoveries with your established networks. While the app promotes accessibility wherever you may carry your phone, it will also supplement the hope of a ubiquitous presence of Thingiverse’s 3D printing world.

This looks like a smart investment and direction. Once a punch-line, now a legitimate query usually followed by a “yes”, the phrase “Is there an app for that?” tells the tale of the time. We can jump aboard, the train has left the station and the frontier awaits as we drive ahead as fast as the track is laid.

Source: MakerBot