Another New 3DP Marketplace – 3D Burrito

And yet another new player has emerged to compete in the field of 3D printing marketplaces, this time from the north with the Swedish ‘3D Burrito’ site. The start-up – founded by two young men in their early twenties – Max David and Daniel Andersson – bears a strong resemblance to other companies operating with 3D printables – a decentralized network (read: no internal manufacturing or 3D printing equipment), a mixture of free and paid offerings and 70% share of profits for the sellers.

The site only launched last week and is currently in the phase of ramping up, which involves contacting designers and building up some momentum in specific sectors. However, based on how the categories are built within the site, the strategic approach 3D Burrito is striving for offering-wise can be seen to give some hint of what’s to come in the future – perhaps best described as something of a Thingiverse with a commercial angle.

Based on the current frequency of new 3DP services, such as 3D Burrito, launching, (see also Azavy in today’s new articles) we seem to be seeing a similar situation as happened last year with new 3D printer hardware — with them popping up almost by the week, or as in this case by the day. It was destined to happen – the young 3D printing market offers great promise, it is growing in size and appeal, but it surely will not be able to successfully accommodate all of the new faces looking to capitalize on the boom? Building unique business models that target specific vertical sectors will be one of the key differentiating factors I believe. At the moment a lion’s share of the current designers offering their 3D modelled objects for sale seem to be present in almost every relevant marketplace imaginable – the missing piece of this puzzle in my opinion is still the content creators with the most potential – the regular (inexperienced) end-users.

Source: 3D Burrito

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