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AMT launches world’s first desktop chemical vapor smoothing machine: Technical specifications and pricing

Followed by a strategic business restructuring, Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) has launched what it claims to be a “never-before-seen” desktop chemical vapor smoothing machine, dubbed PostPro SFX.

This compact chemical vapor smoothing device aims to transform the 3D printing landscape, offering a novel approach for users to attain the desired quality and finish for their 3D printed objects. AMT’s PostPro SFX has been designed to serve a broad spectrum of 3D printer users, spanning from individuals using Formlabs Fuse 1, Sinterit Lisa, Sintratec, and WeMatter platforms to those on industrial-grade systems like Nexa 3D, 3D Systems, HP, EOS, and Stratasys.

“We are excited to launch the PostPro SFX and bring the power of chemical vapor smoothing to the desktop,” said AMT CEO, Joseph Crabtree. “We have already seen an extraordinary amount of interest for this machine, and production capacity is quickly being filled. I believe this machine will revolutionize the 3D printing industry and make it easier for users to get the best results from their 3D printed parts.”

AMT PostPro SFX process chamber. Photo via AMT.
AMT PostPro SFX process chamber. Photo via AMT.

Attendees at Formnext will have the opportunity to view a PostPro SFX system in person at the booth of AMT’s partner, Leering, located in Hall 12.1 – Stand E40.

Transforming chemical vapor smoothing with sustainability and automation

The PostPro SFX has emerged as a product of AMT’s decade-long experience in chemical vapor smoothing. It also benefits from an extensive patent portfolio covering its novel processes, solvents, and cartridge systems. The machine itself boasts a compact design, featuring an 11-liter process chamber that enhances its versatility for a wide range of applications. Notably, the PostPro SFX is compatible with all Nylons, with ongoing efforts to expand its capabilities to include materials such as TPUs and TPEs.

This machine operates exclusively with AMT’s patent-pending consumable solvent, PostPro Pure, which is conveniently supplied to customers in 1-liter cartridges. What sets it apart is that these cartridges can be safely disposed of by consumers after use, aligning with an environmentally responsible approach to 3D printing post-processing. To further elevate the user experience, AMT has partnered with Saint-Gobain to introduce the Technology Upgrade Package (TUP ‘lite’) automatic recipe generation software. This collaborative feature ensures that users can effortlessly attain optimum results right from the beginning, streamlining the chemical vapor smoothing process.

Dr. Konstantin Rybalcenko, Global Head of R&D at AMT, explains, “With almost a decade in the Chemical Vapor Smoothing space, with over 30 million parts finished for over 300 customers, AMT PostPro is recognised as the world’s most trusted chemical vapor smoothing solution.”

In a recent interview with 3D Printing Industry, Crabtree highlighted the AM sector’s quest for validation within traditional manufacturing. He envisions a future devoid of the “3D printed” label, similar to cars lacking “stamped out of metal” descriptors. Despite hurdles like consolidation, reduced 3D printer sales, and supply chain woes, AMT has achieved revenue growth, reaching around €12-13 million. As the company realigns for profitability and sustainability, a core focus emerges on delivering added value for customers and scaling additive manufacturing. The industry’s shift towards prioritizing innovation and functionality over manufacturing novelty becomes increasingly crucial.

TUP 'lite' automatic recipe generation software. Photo via AMT.
TUP ‘lite’ automatic recipe generation software. Photo via AMT.

Technical specifications of PostPro SFX

External Dimensions (WDH)450 x 500 x 845 mm17.7 x 19.7 x 33.3 inches
Weight50 Kg110 lb
Process Chamber Dimensions (WDH)190 x 320 x 190 mm7.5 x 12.6 x 7.5 inches
Process Chamber Volume11.5 litres11.5 litres
Electrical Configuration230V / Single Phase / 13A120V / Single Phase / 20A

The PostPro SFX is competitively priced at €17,999 and is slated to ship in early 2024. Pre-orders are open on AMT’s website with a €999 deposit, and early orders until November 2023 enjoy a 20% discount, reducing the price to €14,999. AMT is also actively seeking potential re-sellers.

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Featured image shows AMT PostPro SFX front view. Photo via AMT.