AM industry titan HP inks two new partnerships

German automated post-processing provider DyeMansion and HP have partnered to provide customers with advanced solutions for large-scale production of final parts.

Utilizing HP’s 3D printing technology alongside DyeMansion’s post-processing workflows, the partnership aims to provide eco-friendly, scalable solutions of superior quality. This collaboration is anticipated to streamline access to comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions globally. Additionally, HP has partnered with Accel Digital Solutions (ADS), a startup focusing on 3D printing.

Felix Ewald, CEO and Co-Founder of DyeMansion said, “The close cooperation between printer manufacturers and post-processing technology providers makes it possible to develop useful and market-oriented solutions for AM users worldwide. We at DyeMansion and HP have already internalized this very well. I am very pleased about this and look forward to our upcoming joint activities.”

Colorful finished cranial helmets produced with HP MJF technology at Formnext 2023. Photo via DyeMansion.
Colorful finished cranial helmets produced with HP MJF technology at Formnext 2023. Photo via DyeMansion.

DyeMansion and HP innovate the AM sector

Through this partnership, HP and DyeMansion will tackle joint market analysis and provide end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate into users’ operations, unlocking new applications and offering mutual support and advice. Key milestones in the collaboration include introducing the first-ever color range options for parts produced with HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, followed by expanding the color range to include white parts in November 2022. 

Last year in September, a joint presentation at AOPA showcased the commitment of both companies to the orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) industry, says DyeMansion. Proceeding to November, the parties unveiled the AM I Navigator, a collaborative effort with industry leaders such as Siemens. This tool aims to provide users with comprehensive guidance through the additive manufacturing process, demonstrating their dedication to advancing AM technologies.

The companies anticipate extending their collaboration to key industry events in 2024, including Formnext, Rapid + TCT, and the AMUG 2024 conference. François Minec, Global Head of 3D Polymers at HP, said, “The formalization of the strategic collaboration with DyeMansion represents a pivotal moment in our journey together. It combines our leading 3D printing technology with DyeMansion’s detailed post-processing to set new standards in the production of 3D printed parts.”

HP supports AM startup

In other news, HP has also partnered with two Michigan-based executives, Brandon Teets and Tyler Marvin, who have co-founded ADS, a new venture to improve manufacturing processes through AM. Situated in Grand Rapids, ADS aims to develop efficient and sustainable solutions across industries.

From left to right: Brandon Teets and Tyler Marvin. Photo via ADS.
From left to right: Brandon Teets and Tyler Marvin. Photo via ADS.

Collaborating with HP’s Personalization and 3D Printing division, ADS will conduct tests on HP’s latest polymer materials across North, Central, and South America to ensure a smooth finish for various components. Teets and Marvin, equipped with extensive experience in the field, emphasize efficiency and waste reduction as key priorities for ADS. Moreover, Accel Digital Solutions and HP will be displaying 3D printing innovation at the AMUG 2024 conference.

“Accel Digital Solutions is at the forefront of 3D printing innovation, leveraging our PA12 Smooth material to explore uncharted territories in manufacturing,” said Minec. “Their enthusiasm and pioneering approach are exactly what the industry needs to propel forward. We’re thrilled to see the transformative projects ADS will undertake with our PA 12S Material, enabled by Arkema. We cannot wait to see more groundbreaking applications from ADS in our newest PA 12S Material in various industries!”

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Featured image shows colorful finished cranial helmets produced with HP MJF technology at Formnext 2023. Photo via DyeMansion.