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Afinia Reduces the Price of its H-Series Desktop 3D Printer

Afinia 3D, a US supplier of desktop 3D printers, has just announced that it is reducing the price of its award-winning H-Series 3D Printer by 19%, to $1,299USD. The price-drop is effective immediately whether purchased from the Afinia 3D Store or from Afinia 3D Retail, Online Partners or Resellers.

Of this move, John Westrum, V.P. of Afinia 3D said: “We are excited to offer this substantial price decrease to our customers. It will make it even easier for schools with tight budgets to purchase 3D printers for STEM education.”

The company also recently announced the availability of new Premium PLA filament at $29.99 per reel, which will also benefit school budgets.

Afinia’s 3D printers are a popular choice on home territory, with the user base, affectionately called Afiniacs, engaging and producing some great 3D printing stories.  This is likely due in no small part to a robust product that did very well in Make: Magazine’s “Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing” which named it as the 3D printer that offered the “Best Overall Experience” and concluding that “the Afinia offered the best printing quality with the least amount of effort”. Afinia is, however, competing in an increasingly crowded market and competition is getting stiffer, not to mention the ongoing, albeit quiet, legal dispute with Stratasys that is still ongoing and which Afinia is forcefully defending.

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