ADDITIV’s free virtual AM event: a day full of expert panel discussions, networking and more

3Dnatives, the international online magazine about 3D printing, is hosting a 1-day virtual event on October 22 from 8AM to 6PM EDT, called ADDITIV digital World. Free for all attendees and exhibitors, the online event will be an opportunity for the professional Additive Manufacturing community to learn, share and connect!

Every year, key events in the sector are at the centre stage of big developments and advancements in additive manufacturing. Active players and users of 3D printing technologies come together to discover manufacturers’ latest solutions, and meet in person to exchange knowledge. Over the last few years, 3Dnatives has had the chance to attend and cover these important events, understanding their significance in uniting the additive manufacturing industry.

3Dnatives is expecting 2,000+ industry professionals to attend the virtual event
3Dnatives is expecting 2,000+ industry professionals to attend the virtual event

Following the postponement of almost all of these annual meetings because of COVID-19, a new format emerged to fill the void. Virtual events have become the only way to bring the 3D printing industry together during the pandemic. Having organized 3 virtual events already, 3Dnatives believes these events hold tremendous potential for the future.

“Having hosted multiple virtual experiences of our own this year, PostProcess is aligned with ADDITIV’s mission of propelling industry connection to advance the additive manufacturing sector. We are thrilled to once again participate in an ADDITIV event and contribute to what will be a valuable day of content and collaboration!” comments Diana Robbins, Vice President, Marketing, PostProcess.

ADDITIV digital World: 6 conferences, 5 networking sessions and 1 afterwork party

During ADDITIV digital World, visitors, just like exhibitors, will be able to move around trade show-like floors that will display exhibitors’ virtual booths. A back and forth between networking sessions and conferences aims to provide the right mix of knowledge exchange and business discussions. The conferences, which will follow the format of panel discussions, will bring the expertise of speakers from leading institutions and companies such as NASA, MIT, Ford Motor Company or Facebook and more.

: There will be 6 panel discussions at ADDITIV digital World with speakers from leading companies and institutions
There will be 6 panel discussions at ADDITIV digital World with speakers from leading companies and institutions.

3Dnatives is using a digital platform called Remo, which provides the virtual space to welcome the AM community. Thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface, registrants will be able to move from floor to floor to meet the exhibitors at their virtual stands. Private tables will also be available for 1-on-1 meetings. On each floor, sponsors, including PostProcess, DyeMansion and Formlabs will have virtual lounges to welcome attendees throughout the day.

Felix Ewald, CEO & Co-Founder of DyeMansion comments, “As a young, innovative company it is self-evident for us to be part of the new wave of digital events. We are excited to meet the AM industry at ADDITIV digital World and I am personally looking forward to being part of a suspenseful panel discussion next to players like HP and Facebook.”

3Dnatives is concluding the event with an afterwork party to network, chat and catch up in a more casual and relaxed setting! Attending is free, so don’t miss out and register HERE.

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