Additive Manufacturing With Metal

Sciaky, Inc., a Chicago based subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries (PSI) announced their latest innovation on large scale part manufacturing technology and a video on how it works. Sciaky’s Direct manufacturing solution utilises a electron beam welding gun, depositing metal layer by layer to create the part until it is ready for finish machining.

The parts can be up to 19 feet in length,  4 feet in width and 4 feet high and the system can produce several materials such as Titanium, Tantalum, Inconel and Stainless steel. The production capacity is also suitable for making large parts and the electron beam gun can deposit up to 20 pounds of metal per hour.

Their clientele is mainly in the aviation and other industries needing large scale parts and looking for time and cost saving over traditional manufacturing and prototyping processes.

Please see the video below: