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Light It Up with Adafruit’s 3D Print and Thermal Mapping

Not only has Adafruit developed a way to create light art with heat sensors and 3D P, but they have decided to share all the details with anyone willing to spend a few moments reading the instructions. The prints holding the thermal heat map light are available on Thingiverse, two in fact: a gun-like print and a magnifying-glass-looking object. Both 3D printed objects boast ergonomic design. One brings out the inner sleuth while the other puts the shot in your hands. The ray gun is composed of 10 different parts to be easily snapped together and is optimized for the Makerbot Replicator 2. The light handle is only made of four parts and takes roughly 4 to 5 hours to print as opposed to the 12 hours for the ray gun.

thermalmap 3d printing

The thermal mapping works as a way to view the various temperatures in your environment. By combining the 3D prints with circuitry in the assembly guide provided by Adafruit, the user can point and view the heat radiating from different objects or spaces. One may be literally able to see the heat coming off someone else and see the colour of fever or passion. It is truly lovely to see the instructions laid out for 3D printing enthusiasts in clear prose and pictures assisting better than simple desk assemblage instructions from a local Swedish warehouse. Everything from a slide switch adapter to extend the battery power button to resistors. It is invaluable to have the instructions to help with soldering for proper temperature sensor orientation and helpful hints for trimming terminals off the sensors. A good amount of wiring is needed especially for the ray gun, but for something as visually stunning as temperature mapping, it is expected.

The concept of thermal mapping offers a myriad of possibilities. There are the fun immediate insights to a living space or the aesthetic fun in cosplay and pretending to be the Predator, but other avenues abound. Scientific instruction at every level can have a new lab, one readymade for Instagram accounts. Thermal mapping in this form provided by Adafruit combines the visually stunning with scientific inquiry. With heat illuminated by thermal mapping, the degree of interesting in any given room suddenly rises.

Source: Adafruit

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