A1 Filament launches kickstarter for 3D printer filament

U.S. 3D printing material company A1 Filament has launched its first ever Kickstarter. The Vermont-based company claims not to be just another filament manufacturer and believes its proprietary production method yields far better results than any other company in the market.

According to A1, many filament companies are resting on their laurels and refusing to further innovate the market or disrupt the status quo. However, having researched materials and software for the past 6 years, A1 expects to provide a superior range of PLA and ABS filaments.

Launching with ABS and PLA filaments, A1 is already working on the next “evolution.” A1 Filament’s Kickstarter promises carbon neutral and bio-compostable materials from the outset. The company are keen to point out that unlike bio-degradable materials, their bio-compostable materials mean that when discarded, even within a year there will be little trace remaining.

Spool of A1 Filament.
Spool of A1 Filament.

The A1 Filament equation

Nozzles That Won’t Clog  +  Filaments That Won’t Blotch  =  High Productivity Without Aggravation.

The complex and clean models produced by A1 Filament.
The complex and clean models produced by A1 Filament.

What’s different about the A1 filaments:

  • Quality
  • Environmentally conscious – zero carbon
  • Bio – compostable
  • Defect guarantee
  • Saves user both time and money
The range of colors offered. Photo via A1 Filament.
The range of colors offered.

Proprietary production process

Through research, A1 says it has developed a superior product that will not clog or jam a 3D printer due to variances in A1 Filaments mean diameter. The company has developed its own proprietary production process, including machinery and software which hopes to mitigate current aggravations for 3D printer users.

The A1 filaments promise to provide tolerances as low as 0.03 mm with choice of 20 colors, in 2 different sizes – 1.75 mm and 3.0 mm.

A1 Filament 3D printing with its proprietary materials.
A1 Filament 3D printing with its proprietary materials.


  • $100 – 2 rolls of 1 kg filament in your choice of standard colors and a set of A1 Filament special edition coffee mugs.
  • $250 – 6 rolls of 1 kg filament + choice of a set of 4 of special edition coffee mugs (MSRP $31.95) or set of 4 special edition espresso cups (MSRP $30.95)
  • $500 – 12 rolls of 1 kg filament + your choice of a special wood-capped USB set in its custom wood presentation case (MSRP $89.95) OR a limited edition headset (MSRP $99.95)
  • $750 – 18 rolls of 1 kg filament + a super headset (MSRP $124.95) or a limited edition desk lamp (MSRP $139.95) OR 6 special edition coffee mugs accompanied by 4 of special edition espresso cups.
  • $1000 – 24 rolls of 1 kg filament +  a special headset (MSRP $144.95) OR a limited edition unbelievable umbrella (MSRP $149.95) OR the limited edition desk lamp and 4 of special edition coffee mugs.

The company offers completely free delivery and the Kickstarter will ship to the US and Canada.

As a further incentive the company tells us that they plan to float the company. Once this happens, A1 Filaments “promise of a share for every $250 contributed once the company goes public.”

More information about the A1 Filaments Kickstarter is available here.

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Featured image shows A1 Filament’s 3D printing filament on Kickstarter. Featured image, and all other images, via A1 Filament.