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A Suitable Gun for 3D Printing?

Several media publications have focused their 3D printing stories on Wiki Weapons or making your own gun parts, and the moral implications around it. We made our own contribution to this topic in a previous, and no doubt will again but today our focus is on a gun that you should definitely 3D print!

A Gun Suitable for 3D Printing article image 1Aemcoeuropa at Thingiverse has uploaded the details for his design called “spraygun3e”, which is a spray gun for painting larger surfaces using canned spray paint.

The design is seemingly simple and will certainly help save the pain in your fingers when painting for a long period of time. The commercially available spray guns are not expensive either, however assuming that you are already a DIY enthusiast, the whole point is 3D printing your own version and assembling it – as well as being truly useful, contrary to the other type of guns that are likely to cause harm and grief.

You can download the design at Thingiverse and 3D print your version of this great gizmo.

A gun suitable for 3D printing Article image 2

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