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A Customised Concept – The DNA 3D Printed Shoe

Customised footwear courtesy of 3D printing has been expounded before, notably for elite sports men and women to improve comfort and performance. However, the Seattle-based organisation Pensar is developing a concept that will offer this type of customized footwear universally. The concept involves customizing the footwear according to an individual’s specific anatomy and biomechanics. The ‘DNA 3D printed shoe’ will be designed according to the individual foot contours and how that person moves.

In terms of the data capture necessary to make this work, the idea is that you walk/move/run wearing a pair of trainers fitted with pressure sensors and accelerometers. Subsequently upload the data from these movements to produce a series of algorithms that can be used to produce a shoe design that fits you perfectly in terms of how you walk/run. In terms of the aesthetics — this can be customised according to taste and the resulting design can be produced on a 3D printer.

This is all still in development, in terms of a business model, the volumes and materials have not been identified and/or disclosed.

Pensar has, however, outlined the principle in a series of images which can be viewed below:

DNA 3D Printed ShoeDNA 3D Printed Shoe     DNA 3D Printed ShoeDNA 3D Printed ShoeDNA 3D Printed ShoeDNA 3D Printed ShoeDNA 3D Printed Shoe
DNA 3D Printed Shoe

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