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The Future of 3D Printing is Now; AIO Robotics' ZEUS


AIO Robotics has been pushing the boundaries of the 3D printing market since the company’s inception in 2013. With the creation of the world’s first truly standalone All-In-One 3D Printing and Scanning system, ZEUS, the AIO Robotics team has successfully taken what once required advanced technical skills and experience and made it greatly accessible and operable by even the most inexperienced user.



AIO Robotics’ ZEUS really lays bare the 3D printing process by enabling the user to watch and experience each step in the simplest way possible. User-friendliness was clearly a priority in its design.

ZEUS has all of the hardware and software needed to go from scan to print, and all the steps in between, from a built-in meshing algorithm for scans to its simple-to-use slicer for prints – no external software or hardware is necessary to operate. Its fully automated calibration and bed-leveling takes the grunt work out of the 3D printing process, saving the user what could be hours in set-up time and calibration.  Modular parts, such as the ZEUS’ extruder and turntable allow for minimal downtime between projects.

ZEUS has been disrupting the 3D printing industry significantly and is best known for its abundance of software features that set it apart from its competitors.

The AIO Robotics team sends out weekly updates for their ZEUS users – with wifi connection on-board, downloading is quick and easy. Some of the most notable features currently available on the ZEUS include a “search” function, in which users may search the web directly from their ZEUS to find 3D files to download and print.



An onboard model-editor makes adding final touches or editing files quick and easy.

The “report” feature allows any issues to be sent directly to AIO’s engineers so that they may find a solution for the user quickly and efficiently.

The optional “snapshot” feature sends the user a photo of his or her finished print-out and other information about the print, should he or she need to see how a print turned out while away.


What we are most excited for however, are the apps that will soon be released onboard the ZEUS. We were able to speak with some team members over at AIO that shared with us photos of the apps that are currently in progress. The apps revolve largely around education, which makes sense seeing as they are a popular choice among schools, libraries, and other educational institutions.



The team at AIO Robotics has assured us that there are many more features that are still under development that will make waves in the industry so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to be the first to know.