3DZ arrives in France

3DZ, an authorized reseller of leading 3D printer and 3D scanner brands has opened a new business division in France. With the inauguration of 3DZ Lyon, the distributor now has regional headquarters in six European nations making it one of the largest resellers on the continent.

Sandro Festa, Sales Director at 3DZ, comments,

“We are trusted by many different companies from the EMEA region because we offer our partners a consolidated business presence with a strong brand and a unified market platform,”

Additionally, “Some of the most important original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are pushing us to expand our sales network because we are aware of our solid financial foundation, our privileged marketing, our 10 years and more of experience in 3D (both hardware and software) and that we deliver within 48 hours, with DHL, throughout Europe.”

“3D printing for the future of production”

Since the company’s foundation in 2009, 3DZ has branched out to include 15 businesses across Spain, Italy, Malta, Serbia, Hungary, Romania and Albania. In total, 3DZ representatives have installed around 300 3D printers for 700 satisfied customers in these regions, generating over €18 million (approx. $21.3 million USD) in sales.

Adding to this growing business, 3DZ Lyon has been launched in collaboration with Vision3D-France, a company helping local businesses to adopt additive manufacturing solutions.

Map showing the location of all 3DZ sites. Highlighted in red is the new office 3DZ Lyon. Image via 3DZ
Map showing the location of all 3DZ sites. Highlighted in red is the new office 3DZ Lyon. Image via 3DZ

Initially, the 3DZ Lyon division will be distributing for three companies: 3D Systems, Markforged and Sicnova’s JCR range. Within the broad 3DZ network however, the Lyon site has the potential to expand its offering in the future.

The overall goal of 3DZ’s expansion is to provide complete coverage for the whole of Europe. Sandro adds, “We were among the first to believe in 3D printing for the future of production and we are convinced that we are only at the beginning to see what these technologies can offer us.”

Demo cutting edge technologies

Hitting the ground running, 3DZ Lyon will be demonstrating its capabilities at the Lyon-Eurexpo’s 3D Print show from the 5th through the 7th June 2018 at Stand B16/C15.

At the show, 3DZ Lyon will also be holding workshops, helping visitors to understand the possibilities of its Markforged range.

The Markforged Mark Two carbon fiber 3D printer. Image via 3DZ
The Markforged Mark Two carbon fiber 3D printer. Image via 3DZ

– Workshop 1, Markforged: Printing on carbon fibre
Time/location: 11:30 – 12:30, 6 June 2018, Stand B16/C15

3DZ Lyon will demonstrate the carbon fiber 3D printing capabilities of Markforged 3D printers. Capable of working with continuous carbon fiber, glass fiber and Kevlar wire, parts produced using these machines bring high mechanical resistance to desktop FDM technology.

Register to attend Markforged: Printing on carbon fibre workshop on eventbrite here.

– Workshop 2, 3D Metal Printing with MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Method
Time/location: 9:15-9;50, 7 June 2018, Workshop Area

On the second day of events, 3DZ Lyon will host a demo of Markforged’s Metal X 3D printer, that makes use of readily available MIM powders to 3D print metal using FDM.

Register to attend 3D Metal Printing with MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Method workshop on eventbrite here.

To find out more about the services available at 3DZ Lyon, visit the company’s new website here.

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Featured image “3DZ arrives in France” shows Sandro Festa, Patrick Ferraris and Andrea Simeoni of 3DZ. Photo via 3DZ Lyon