#3DTalk Paris asks important questions about the future of 3D printing and IoT

On June 22, Cyant and Women in 3D Printing will host the latest event of their #3DTalk series in Paris, France. This month’s topic is on the role of 3D printing in the connected Internet of Things (IoT) – asking if additive could become the future’s preferred method of manufacturing.

The question will be discussed by a panel of industry insiders, giving a view of 3D printing and IoT from the perspective of software development, 3D design, and impact on the consumer.

At 3D Printing Industry we are proud to be the media sponsor of the event.

June 2017’s panellists

On the panel for June 2017’s #3DTalk are Tatiana Reinhard, Isabelle Excoffier, and Sabine de Maussion.

#3DTalk panellists (L - R): Tatiana Reinhard, Isabelle Excoffier, and Sabine de Maussion. Photos via LinkedIn
#3DTalk panellists (L – R): Tatiana Reinhard, Isabelle Excoffier, and Sabine de Maussion. Photos via LinkedIn

Tatiana Reinhard is a 3D printing consultant and prototype fabrication manager at consumer electronics company Rythm, developer of the Dreem headband. The second panellist, Isabelle Excoffier is advance business manager at IoT solutions provider Inventhys. And Sabine de Maussion is co-founder of on-demand toy platform MakerBrane.

It will be interesting to see how the panellists tackle the question from their respective areas of expertise. At 3D Printing Industry, we have been tracking the gradual rise of IoT integration within additive manufacturing.

In projects such as adidas’ Speedfactory the technology has been used to create a digital twin of the manufacturing process. Additionally, as 3D printer users create demand for better control of their systems, cloud connectivity and wireless monitoring has become a highly desired feature of machines. One example in answer to this demand has seen 3D Systems announce smart control and connectivity for its 3D printers. Many companies are also launching peripherals to add connectivity to older machines.

Where, when & how can I watch it?

Moderating the event will be Mathilde Berchon, Corporate & Events Lead at collaborative maker workshop TechShop, and Annabelle Drault, ENT Project Leader at medical device startup BIOMODEX.

#3DTalk Paris will be held at Ecole 42, the first tuition-free coding school in France and situated in the 17th arrondissement of the city. Doors open at 7pm CEST, with the programme and Facebook Live stream starting at 7:30.

Inside Ecole 42, the venue for June 2017's #3DTalk Paris. Photo via Nora Toure
Inside Ecole 42, the venue for June 2017’s #3DTalk Paris. Photo via Nora Toure

Online 3D printing service Sculpteo is the event’s official sponsor. Women in 3D Printing co-founder Nora Toure is also Business Development Director at Sculpteo, and shared her views on the future of 3D printing as part of our guest article series, that can be read here.

#3DTalk events are held on a monthly basis in locations interchanging between San Francisco, New York and Paris. More information about the next talk in the series can be found here on the event’s website, and you can register attendance on the talk’s eventbrite page.

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Featured image via 3dtalk.tech.