Business welcomes iMakr.VC investment

A lot has happened at, the Authority on 3D Printing, over the last few months. The website layout has been revamped and as we reported recently, Hermes Moore became the new Editor in Chief. Today Hermes is delighted to announce the investment from iMakr.VC in 3DPI.

Founded in 2012 by Sylvain Preumont, iMakr.VC supports promising projects operating in the 3D printing and 3D scanning sectors. It has backed, a value-added 3D printing and 3D scanning retailer;, the leading curated platform for 3D printable objects; and WeDesign.Live, the world’s first open source live collaborative platform for 3D design (currently under development). iMakr.VC’s bold vision of one 3D printer in every home in 20 years has driven its selection process over the last 3 years.


Sylvain and Hermes share common values. They believe that openness and quality are necessary to satisfy a growing community of 3D printing and 3D scanning professionals and enthusiasts. Hermes commented: My vision is of an open world, a world where 3D printing and 3D scanning facilitates open source design and open manufacturing. 3DPI will play its part in the sharing of knowledge and innovation by opening its media to external contributors who are passionate about 3D printing and 3D scanning.”

Sylvain added: ”After bringing 3D printers and 3D scanners to the high street with iMakr, free quality content to everyone with MyMiniFactory and an intuitive open source 3D design platform with WeDesign.Live, our investment in 3DPI is the natural next step to bring quality news and an open media platform to the community.”

Hermes is very pleased with iMakr.VC’s support. It will facilitate the roll-out of new features over the next few months, more in-depth articles, more interviews, more videos, more research papers, more weekly series, more tools and more services. He commented further: We will relentlessly bring you the latest breaking news, the latest innovations and interviews from people that shape our industries. Expect us to deliver the tools that you need to benefit from this new world that is taking shape under our feet. With the investment, we maintain our independence from any manufacturers, a key factor to bring our community unbiased and in-depth news”.

3D Printing Industry

Hermes and his team have already implemented a number of features to help with clarity and delivery of information. Henceforth, press releases are identified with a specific tag to differentiate them from Hot news and In-Depth articles. Dedicated pages for the community to share their videos and events are now available. Today 3DPI is also launching its Financial Market section, where real time news from the 3D Printing and 3D Scanning listed companies and quality analysis from Samuel Adams, our industry expert who successfully anticipated on Stratasys CEO to resign on May 12, 3 weeks before he actually did on June 2nd.