3DPI.TV – The ZeGo Delta Bot Hybrid 3D Printer

The ZeGo deltabot on Indiegogo is less of a 3D printer and more of a transformer. With interchangeable toolheads, the delta-style robot goes from 3D printer to 2D plotter to pick-and-place machine easily and affordably.

ZeGo can be outfitted with a number of different toolheads to expand its capabilities. Aside from a standard hot end for extruding filament for FDM/FFF 3D printing, the bot’s creators have designed a plotter, wood burner, CNC mill and pick-and-place attachment. The plotter, a fancy name for a pen, will allow users to draw digital drawings in real space, but the wood burner lets them make those drawings more permanent by burning them into various materials. The CNC/PCB mill is for making engravings, while the entry level pick-and-place attachment can either act as a fourth axis for holding a part, while it is being engraved, or to move objects from one place to another.

All combined, ZeGo makes for a many-in-one, in-house prototyping machine. Not only can you 3D print an object, but you can engrave it, burn it, and draw on it as well. The CNC mill, in conjunction with the fourth axis pick-and-place attachment, gives users the ability to design electronics as well. Other hybrid machines, such as the Microfactory and FABtotum, have been launched in the past, offering the ability to 3D print, scan and mill. The ZeGo, however, has the greatest range of abilities that we have seen so far.