3DPI.TV – A Real Time Processor for 3D Printers

As many 3D printer manufacturers and users know, 3D printers can be painfully slow. Create it REAL has developed a new product meant to be universally available to the 3D printer market: the first real-time processor for 3D printing. The new chip will give 3D printers the ability to print at 450mm per second, the company claims. This is more than double the top speed of the Replicator 2X and almost double the top speed of the Ultimaker 2.

The processor, the 3D RTP v450, can be installed as a chip onto a standard dimm socket or it can be manufactured as part of an entire motherboard so that 3D printer manufacturers can increase the speed of their machines. Create it REAL also offers printing software meant to make full use of the RTP’s complete capabilities.

Currently, the 3D RTP v450 is tailored for extrusion based 3D printers, but the company plans to modify it work with stereolithography and selective laser sintering machines in the near future.  The chip comes in three varieties to meet the needs of desktop 3D printers all the way up to high-end machines.