3DPI.TV – LUXeXceL Launching 3D Printed Optics Factory

LUXeXceL develops and manufactures a unique technology for 3D printing optical components and the award winning company has additively manufactured parts for LED lighting and royal eyewear. Until recently, however, LUXeXceL’s Printoptical Technology has been largely applied to individual projects, used to prove the capability of this 3D printing process. Now however, Printoptical is ready to go into full production, as the company is in the process of launching its first 3D printing factory.

LUXeXceL’s one step “CAD-to-Optic” process is able to 3D print smooth optical components that do not require post processing, reducing time and cost. The new digital production line currently being established will allow the company to provide this process to larger numbers of clients. The new digital production line of LED lighting optics, set to be operational by mid-2014, can be used for small volume production and prototyping, but can also be scaled up to medium volume manufacturing.

Richard van de Vrie, the company’s CEO, is very excited to open this new facility. According to him LUXeXceL is changing the way optics are designed, produced and now digitally stored.

News that the company has increased its production capability will set LUXeXceL as the first 3D printing company in the commercial world that is devoted exclusively to 3D printed optical components a further demonstrator that we are slowly witnessing more additive manufacturing companies focusing on specific material production capabilities.