3DPI.TV Interview with Markus Reichlin from SLM Solutions

Markus Reichlin heads up SLM Solutions as its Chief Executive Officer and agreed to give 3DPI an interview to discuss the Berlin Inside 3D Printing Event and the presentation he gave to the conference delegates.

Question 1: How have you found the Inside 3D Printing Berlin Show?

Markus: Yes, I’m excited about all the sessions and discussion around 3d printing and production, that’s my favorite area. and I’m happy that there are so many presentations and sessions on that topic.

Question 2: I was interested to hear in your presentation that you think that 3D printing is at an inflection point for industrial applications, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Markus: Yes, that’s a very exciting moment. It feels a bit as if you stand on the beach, you watch the water and there’s a big wave coming. It’s a bit frightening also. But I think the fact that key customers have evaluated the industry for years now and seriously talking about ordering multiple machines.  And that’s the inflection point, and we see that from different industries, which is exciting.