3DPI.TV – Bad Devices Introduce Their 3D Printer

Some companies in the booming 3D printing world begin with an idea, create a website then hit Kickstarter, try to find funding, then, usually after an unspecified amount of time, they bring a product to market… sometimes.

Bad Devices took another approach: it built a high quality, solid 3D printer and launched it on the market. No fuss, no intermediate passages, and even before having a full blown website, they already have a discrete number of satisfied customers.

Bad Devices took its little friend BadPrinter2 out to Rome’s Maker Faire for every one there to say hello. Even prior to that, a couple of 3D print shops had already begun selling it, and users had expressed that they were very happy with it.

The BadPrinter2 is, in fact, a cool 3D printer, with a black steel-carbon structure, a 4 mm glass heated plate and enclosed printing area (made for ABS). It’s got two independent extruders that work inside a print volume of 226 x 228 x 210 mm. The ratio to the 23 Kg GT2 belt driven H-bot machine size is almost 1:2. Printing speed goes up to 150 mm/s.

The BadPrinter2 is already available at the fairly competitive price of €2,250 (+VAT), with different colour configurations for the several 3D printed components inside it.