3DPI.TV – 3D Printing Materials Market Report

‘Markets and Markets’ report that by 2018 the global 3D printing materials market around plastics and metals could be worth some USD$408 million. The report iterates that the 3D printing plastic materials market was worth $70 million in 2012 and the market is expected to reach $209 million by 2018.

The media boom in 3D printing news has raised consumer awareness of the ability and availability of 3D printing technology. Across the spectrum, from industrial professional to home hobbyist, plastics currently continue to be the most popular material. The expansive growth of polymers is anticipated to continue in the next five years.

Metal 3D printing involves a more expensive set of processes whereby metal materials are generally limited to high-end applications. Ceramics are a good example of affordable materials that will garner a high demand in future—a range of sectors and applications affected there.

The North American region dominated 3D printing materials market revenues in 2012, followed by the The Asia-Pacific region, accounting together for 68% of the 3D printing materials revenue that year. The two areas are the largest consumers and are expected to compete with each other to dominate the market by 2018.

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