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3DGence launches DOUBLE dual extrusion 3D printer

Just over a month after the release of the INDUSTRY F340 high temperature 3D printer, 3DGence is back with another machine – the 3DGence DOUBLE.

Compact and versatile, the DOUBLE is a dual extrusion 3D printer designed for the worktop.

As with all of 3DGence’s products, the DOUBLE is designed for professional use, and print quality is its primary focus.

DOUBLE print quality

According to 3DGence the DOUBLE, which is an FFF 3D printer, “exceeds the standards” set by other systems on the market. It is capable of producing a layer resolution of 50 μm. The X and Y axis can be positioned to a precision of 6 μm, and precision along the Z axis in 0.4 μm.

Print quality has been tested for dimensional accuracy, layer lamination and, as a 3D printer made for dual extrusion, the ease of detaching supports.

3DGence with soluble supports

Spool holders on the left and right sides of the DOUBLE 3D printer simultaneously feed filament through the hot end – one nozzle for the object and the second for support materials.

Soluble BVOH, provided by filament manufacturer VERBATIM, and breakaway HIPS are two support materials current supported for use in the 3DGence DOUBLE. VERBATIM filaments, which also includes PLA, have been specially optimized for use in 3DGence 3D pritners through a collaboration between the two companies.

Soluble support feed on the DOUBLE 3D printer. Photo via 3DGence
Soluble support feed on the DOUBLE 3D printer. Photo via 3DGence

Current combinations optimized for dual extrusion are PLA and BVOH, PET and BVOH, PP and HIPS and NYLON and HIPS. EU customers can order a free sample print to test how easy it is to remove BVOH supports in water.

The DOUBLE can also print using NYLON and elastic Fiberflex 40D. The company maintains that it will continue developing material profiles for its 3D printers to ensure optimal print quality.

Sample 3D print with soluble support. Photo via 3DGence
Sample 3D print with soluble support. Photo via 3DGence

Minimizing downtime

Smart features found in the INDUSTRY F340 are rolled out to the DOUBLE. Hotend exchanges are made quickly using the company’s patented PUSH system, and the cermic hotbed can also be switched out to reduce downtime.

The DOUBLE has in-built auto-calibration. In this process the DOUBLE scans the printbed to detect any surface irregularities, an automatically levels the printhead above the surface.

Further sensors in the filament feed system make the DOUBLE capable of pausing a job when out of filament.

Interestingly, the company also prototyped parts for the DOUBLE 3D printer using the INDUSTRY F340.

Available from 15th March 2018, the 3DGence DOUBLE 3D printer retails for a price of €3,095 (approx. $3825).

Production process of 3DGence DOUBLE printhead cover. Image via 3DGence
Production process of 3DGence DOUBLE printhead cover. Image via 3DGence

Full technical specifications

Input/output: 230V ~2,5A

Power consumption: 50/60Hz avg.: 220W, max: 600 W

Connectivity: USB, SD card


Printing technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Build volume: 190×255×195 mm

Layer resolution (min): 50 μm

Printing nozzles: 2

Nozzle diameter: 0.4/0.4 mm

Filament diameter: 1.75 mm

Model filament type: PLA, PET, PP, NYLON, Fiberflex 40D (elastic)

Support filament type: BVOH, HIPS


Hotend temperature (max): 270°C

Heatbed temperature (max): 160°C


Construction: powder coated steel, housing: ABS

Build plate material: heated ceramic plate

Enclosure: optional

XY positioning precision: 6 μm

Z positioning precision: 0.4 μm


Slicing software: 3DGence Slicer

Supported file types: .stl, .3mf, .obj, .jpg, .bmp

Host platform: Windows, macOS


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Featured image shows the 3DGence DOUBLE 3D printer. Image via 3DGence