3D Printing Start Up – PanaShape.com

PanaShape.com announces beta testing of their interactive e-commerce platform created for 3D printing. PanaShape.com allows uploading STL CAD files for instant file integrity verification and provides simple pricing without a requirement to create a user account.

“I’ve always wanted to create a simple e-Commerce platform for Rapid Prototyping since I and others were developing web based quoting of STL files back in 1997 at a previous company. Once I left the corporate world last year, I quickly focused on developing an easy quoting engine for open source web based software,” says PanaShape.com’s President Brian Bauman.

PanaShape.com’s future plans include “Name Your Price” concept, that has been popular amongst internet companies in industries with elastic capacity such as airlines, hotels, and car rental. “Within our industry, available machine capacity is an order of magnitude greater than what is offered by traditional paper printing because space is available in three dimensions. Our software in the future will act as a clearinghouse for this capacity by allowing Service Providers to dynamically adjust their pricing and delivery to meet customer price points of 3d models based on their available capacity,” explained Brian Bauman.

PanaShape.com does not offer store fronts requiring excess fees as many companies prefer to control their own brand and shopping experience. Currently, PanaShape.com is open for customers in need of low cost, high quality 3d printed patterns and they can try service offerings of Stereolithography, PolyJet and Laser Sintering materials. PanaShape.com is currently looking to partner with other Service Providers who offer complementary materials.


Source: PanaShape.com