3D Printing Retailing in Turkey

3D printing via retail outlets is a phenomenon that continues to take deeper root across the world. Turkey is the latest country to get its first 3D printer store as 3Dörtgen is set to open to the public this coming September. The person behind this latest store is Furkan Bakir, who has established the shop location in Istanbul’s Camlica district. Offering a range of desktop 3D printers that include the industry standards — the full line of Solidoodles, Up Plus 2 and 3D Systems’ Cube —3Dörtgen will also offer a range of services including 3D printing, 3D scanning, in-store design tools and augmented-reality 3D glasses for visitors to use. For consumers visiting the store there will also be a café.

Of this new venture, Bakir commented: “After doing business in the automobile and construction industry for more than 35 years, our family decided we wanted to invest in something innovative, creative, and revolutionary. That’s 3D printing!”

Alongside the new Turkish retail outlet will be the countries first FabLab. The plan is that the store and the FabLab will work collaboratively to develop workshops, children’s activities, seminars and events for the local community to provide facilities in Istanbul where people gather, learn and create together using 3D printing.

Solidoodle’s founder & CEO Sam Cervantes, is a fan of the retail frontier. Solidoodles are a common commodity in many of the retail stores already established across the world. It is no surprise that he is backing the venture in Turkey. He said: “I am excited to see that the 3D printing and the larger maker movement is a worldwide phenomenon. The addition of 3Dörtgen as a distribution partner is a great opportunity to bring affordable desktop 3D printing to Turkey with a company that has had a strong presence in its own community for decades.”

Source: 3Dortgen