3D printing events guide for October featuring HP, Xerox, Essentium, BASF, AM-Cubed, STRYKER and more 

It’s time for 3D Printing Industry’s monthly 3D printing events guide. Our summary of the latest 3D printing events features additive manufacturing summits,  3D printing workshops, online training courses, and digital webinars. 

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This month 3D printing events feature Ecoclean, ADMIRE, NASCAR, Brunel University, Mobility Goes Additive, and more, so read on for further information. 

The Ecoclean Group, which offers part cleaning services, is holding an informative webinar on the subject later this month. Photo via Ecoclean.
The Ecoclean Group, which offers part cleaning services, is holding an informative webinar on the subject later this month. Photo via Ecoclean.

3D Printing events for the week starting October 5th 

Europe’s annual powder metallurgy congress, Euro PM2020, is set to take place from October 5th to October 7th 2020. The online conference, which is organized by European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA), will feature three full days of technical presentations and special interest seminars. 

As well as covering all the latest developments in Powder Metallurgy (PM), the show’s substantial program includes sessions on all aspects of 3D printing, ranging from sustainability to optimized materials. The virtual summit has been designed for industry professionals, and the EPMA is inviting business leaders, academics, and those working at PM-related companies to attend and contribute. 

IMTS’ virtual Spark event meanwhile, continues into October with a one-off webinar based around new cleaning technologies and additive manufacturing. The online session will examine different approaches to part cleaning, revealing new ways of removing residue when neither water-based products nor vapor degreasing solutions are sufficient. 

Tyler Wheeler of surface cleaner provider Ecoclean, is set to host the informative event, providing attendees with an insight into the different cleaning tools and processes available. New 3D printing adopters are welcome at this webinar, and organizers have committed to providing “a good understanding of potential cleaning solutions” for all that attend. The session will run from 1pm-2pm CT on October 7th 2020. 

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Seattle-based software company Dyndrite is holding an informative online webinar to explore the advantages of its proprietary Accelerated Geometry Kernel (AGK). During the virtual event, industry veteran Todd Grimm will sit down with Dyndrite CEO Harshil Goel to discuss what the firm is currently up to, and “why the world needs its vision.”

Ryan Palmer, Senior Vice President of HP and Professor Ryan Wicker of University of Texas at El Paso will also be on hand, to provide expert analysis and assess the wider impact of the technology in the sector. Dyndrite only unveiled its AGK engine at AMUG 2019, and it’s inviting attendees from across the sector to attend, and find out more about the potential benefits of its performance-accelerating GPU. 

The webinar is scheduled to run from 8-9am PDT on October 7th.  

NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski (pictured) is scheduled to take part in Essentium's discussion on supply chain disruption. Photo via NASCAR.
NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski (pictured) is scheduled to take part in Essentium’s discussion on 3D printing and supply chain disruption. Photo via NASCAR.

3D Printing events for the week starting October 12th 

The Printing for Fabrication (Print4Fab) online conference is set to begin on October 12th 2020. The virtual event is being promoted as a “dynamic and interactive” discussion of the latest developments in 3D imaging. Attendees will hear progress updates from a number of preeminent printing experts, before breaking off to take part in live discussions and virtual networking sessions. 

A broad range of 3D printing applications are listed on the agenda, including those in the packaging, industrial, textile, electronics, and life science sectors. Topics such as nanoscale printing, accelerating printhead performance, and sustainability are all set to be discussed too, with sessions led by firms such as HP and Fuji Xerox

The ten-day summit runs until October 22nd, 2020, providing ample opportunity for participants to brush up on the latest digital fabrication techniques. 

3D printer manufacturer Essentium is holding a virtual panel to discuss how 3D printing can help companies to mitigate supply chain vulnerability. The session, which will be hosted by Blake Teipel, the firm’s CEO and Co-founder, is set to cover how businesses are struggling, and cases of successful additive intervention. 

Major Alex Goldberg of the Texas Military, Volker Hammes, Managing Director of New Business at BASF, and NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski will help attendees to break down the key issues and set out next steps. The online summit is scheduled to take place from 9am-10am CST on Tuesday, October 13th 2020. 

Multinational academic 3D printing consortium ADMIRE is holding its “Skilling the AM Future” conference on October 15th 2020. The half-day event, which runs from 9am-1pm WET, is geared towards students, and will focus on the metal 3D printing curriculum at European universities. 

Attendees will learn more about Masters’ courses within the EU, and their benefits, while also becoming part of the conversation on bridging the skills gap between education and jobs in industry. The EU-funded session is open to all universities and students, and those that are involved in 3D printing manufacturing supply chains are invited to attend as well. 

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3D Printing events for the week starting October 19th

The U.S. Air Force is holding its first-ever virtual Advanced Manufacturing Olympics from October 20th-23rd 2020. During the online event, various production technologies will be demonstrated and discussed by a panel of experts from the 3D printing industry, U.S. government, and academia. 

High-profile speakers, including NASA astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison and Sebastian Thrun, Founder of Google X, are scheduled to speak at the digital summit, followed by a 64-team AM competition. A group of American and Canadian engineers will compete individually in one of five technical challenges, each of which is modelled on one of the Air Force’s biggest sustainability issues. 

In addition to the additive Olympics, and its $1 million prize money, the virtual show is also set to include break-out sessions to discuss the events, online training opportunities and digital booths from industry partners. Although the livestream is designed to cater for government contractors, academics and start-ups, it’s free for anyone to register and attend. 

The four-day virtual show begins at 4pm BST on October 20th 2020.

Additive manufacturing service provider Cimquest Inc. is offering a social-distancing friendly open-house tour of its facilities. The two-hour jaunt is set to provide parties of four with a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the variety of 3D printing technologies housed at the firm’s complex in Sterling, Massachusetts. 

As well as being introduced to a range of Ultimaker, HP and Formlabs machines, attendees will get the chance to learn more from a team of experts about how the technology could meet their business needs. The tour is also supplemented by a 25 minute educational seminar, and Cimquest experts will be on-hand after the event to offer one-to-one advice about optimizing the systems for certain applications. 

Interested parties can book a two hour slot from 8.30am-3pm on October 20th or October 21st, but all attendees will be required to wear protective masks. Gloves are also mandatory if participants wish to interact with the parts on display. 

Brunel University's 3D printing experts are presenting their latest research findings as part of the EU's Erasmus project. Photo via the EU Hidalgo program.
Brunel University’s 3D printing experts are presenting their latest research findings as part of the EU’s Erasmus project. Photo via the EU Hidalgo program.

3D Printing events for the week starting October 26th

Engineering software developer nTopology is holding a month-long online Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) series starting on October 27th 2020. While most DfAM case studies examine product performance and engineering theory, nTopology’s is set to focus on 3D printing in the context of industrial design. 

During the virtual event, a series of additive experts will explore how they’ve used 3D printing technology to create innovative aesthetics or a tactile response. Computational, generative, and experimental design tools are all set to be examined, as a means of producing holistic objects, that are capable of achieving a blend of potential functions. 

Speakers from the Rochester Institute of Technology, MIT, and 3D printed sticker producer Styklet will all be on hand over the course of the event, to guide attendees through the broad range of discussions. It’s free to register for the virtual speaker series, which runs from October 27th until November 21st 2020. 

Seattle-based software company Dyndrite is holding its self-named online press conference “Dyndrite day” on October 29th 2020. The two-hour quick-fire briefing is set to provide attendees with the latest updates on the firm’s products and technologies, as well as new partners that have adopted its Accelerated Geometry Kernel (AGK). 

Dyndrite CEO Harshil Goel, alongside a number of industry insiders, will also present a closer examination of the company’s software ecosystem, in addition to its potential workflow benefits for clients. Those that attend can expect to see a series of presented case studies from Dyndrite’s industry partners, plus a sneak peek at the firm’s upcoming tool pathing and Voxel-related product launches. 

Brunel University is holding a design doctoral symposium and 3D printing open day on October 30th. The event, which is part of the EU-backed Erasmus project, will see a series of the university’s experts in additive manufacturing present their latest “cutting-edge” designs and research. 

Several industry insiders are also expected to speak and present at the event, providing their insight on the main issues currently surrounding 3D printing. The session will double-up as an awards ceremony too, with awards set to be handed out to Brunel’s best and brightest, in a celebration of their most innovative additive ideas. 

Participation in the day-long virtual event is completely free, with proceedings set to run from 9.30am-4.30pm GMT on October 30th, 2020. 

The 3D Friday Talk Show will also be taking place on October 30th.

The 3D Friday Talk Show is held on the last Friday of each month, and each episode aims to dig into the reality of 3D printing by examining one topic in great detail. In this installment, the subject of discussion will be justifying the costs of additive manufacturing. 

Stefanie Brickwede of Mobility goes Additive, Elena Laso Plaza from HP, Naomi Murray of STRYKER, and AM-Cubed’s Kristin Mulherin will be on hand to provide the insight and discussion in this month’s edition. 

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Featured image shows a group of lorries approaching a glowing storage container, symbolizing 3D printing as a supply chain solution. Photo via Essentium.